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Studio 517

          Art -- you can either be a viewer or a creator of masterpieces.  Studio 517 is a husband and wife team who strives to be creators of masterpieces.
          We met each other in college and quickly became best friends.  Soon after we fell in love and then got married on May 17, 2003. Our anniversary is the inspiration for our studio name.
          Next to a strong relationship with each other and a strong faith in God, we make capturing special moments a high priority. Whether it is a day at the zoo or a special occasion, it seems our cameras are always on and pointing toward the event. As a team, we bring this same excitement to  your special moments. We understand the importance of having an artistic record of your life to view year after year.
          With a love for art and care for our clients, our goal is to provide you with a personalized and professional service that matches your individual style.